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    How do you say "How much does it cost?” in Colombian Spanish?

    Here is a dialogue between a foreigner who is learning Spanish in Colombia and his Colombian friend, so you can learn the different ways to determine how much one needs to pay for something.

    Colombian pesos (COP)

    Foreigner: My friend, how are you?

    Colombian friend: Hello, my friend, good. And you?

    Foreigner: Very good, thank you. A little question...

    Colombian friend: Tell me.

    Foreigner: Which are the different ways to ask "How much does it cost?" in paisa language?

    Colombian friend: "¿Cuánto vale…?" "¿A cómo ...?" For example, "¿A cómo ese pantalón?" "¿Qué precio tiene…?" But in general it is "¿Cuánto vale ...?"

    Foreigner: Thank you, you’re great. When does one use "Cuánto cobra?" or is this not used?

    Colombian friend: Aaaahhh, yes. But this is, for example, if you need someone’s services and you ask him or her, "¿Cuánto cobras por hacerme ...?"

    Foreigner: Then, one says "¿A cómo ese pantalón?", "¿Qué precio tiene ese pantalón?" or "¿Cuánto vale ese pantalón?" Are there errors in these phrases?

    Colombian friend: This. In this way. But this, "¿A cómo …", it isn’t well spoken Spanish. In other words, the paisas use it, but it isn’t well spoken Spanish. Do you understand me?

    Foreigner: Yes, it’s jargón.

    Colombian friend: Aja, yes.

    Foreigner: But jargon is important to live.

    Colombian friend: Yes, it depends who you have a relationship with or who you are with.

    Foreigner: How does one end the phrase, "¿Cuánto cobras por hacerme ...?"

    Colombian friend: For example, if the washing machine breaks and you call the technician, you’re able to ask him or her, "¿Cuánto me cobras por arreglarme la lavadora?"

    Foreigner: Ahhhhhh, thank you. And if you go to a bar and there is a "cover charge" to enter, how do you say "How much is the cover charge?"

    Colombian friend: "¿Cuánto vale el cover?"

    Foreigner: Thank you!

    Colombian friend: With pleasure.