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    An Authentic Bar, Horses & A Gentleman in Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia

    Interior of
    Fonda La Mulera

    Tonight I went to a very authentic bar in Caldas, Antioquia, Colombia. It’s called “Fonda La Mulera”. The address is Carrera 54 #130 Sur – 26. The telephone number is (57) (4) 278-6523.

    My Colombian friend, a native of Caldas, and I ordered a beer. And, to accompany the beer, we were given a bowl of sliced mango, coconut, and some type of citric fruit. It was a very slow evening. Very few people were in the bar. Today was a holiday in Colombia, Ascensión del Señor, and tomorrow many people have to get up early to go to work and school.

    Horses at
    Fonda La Mulera

    I took a few photos of the bar. And, when I was leaving, I took a photo of someone’s horses. The owner of the horses was sitting at a table with his girlfriend and greeted me when he saw me take the photo. I responded in Spanish, “Me encantan caballos” (“I love horses” in English). And, after hearing me say that I love horses, he asked me and my friend if we would like to borrow his horses to take them for a ride around Caldas. It was very nice of him to make this gesture/offer. He is a true “caballero” (“caballero” is the equivalent of “gentleman” in English).